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FSS Contract V797P-4279b

DUNS #859474413

Technowipe, Inc. is a 100% Woman Owned Small Business that has been providing Technowipe® Lint-Free Wipes, since 1992 to US Government Army, Naval, and Air Force Based Hospitals, as well as VA Hospitals.

Technowipe Inc. is registered with CCR, and ORCA.

Technowipe® Lint-Free Wipes meets USP<797> Cleaning Guidance requiring low-lint wipes along with appropriate cleaning agents in ISO Class 5-8 areas in compounding pharmacies.

Technowipe® Lint-Free Wipes meets MQSA Cleaning Guidance-for Mammography Quality Standards Cleaning Guidance.

Technowipe® Lint Free Wipes:

■ Cost effective and economical
■ Highly absorbent
■ Conveniently sized 9” x 9” (200 wipes per bag)
■ Manufactured in a Cleanroom
■ Compatible with alcohol, bleach, peroxide and most solvents
■ Cleanroom double bag packaging to avoid contamination exposure and assure product integrity
■ Suitable for most Class 10,000 use. In some cases, this wipe may be used in a Class 100 Environment to be determined by customer
■ Excellent for picking up aqueous spills
■ Made of Nonwoven fiber construction for excellent strength

Technowipe® Lint Free Wipes saturated with sterile alcohol or cleaning agent of your choice should be used to clean:

■ Hoods, floors, legs and shields, ceilings, moldings, stool tops, doors, windows, carts, handles, countertops, furniture, sinks, storage bins, and walls
■ Use to dry your hands in order to avoid contamination from artifacts in accordance with USP Hand Washing
■ Mammography/Diagnostic X-ray Cassettes
■ PACS Monitors
■ Phosphor Image Plates
■ Equipment Surfaces


Do not use wipes that are manufactured in cardboard pull-through dispensers, because it will break the wipes fibers and contaminate your work area.
■ Make sure your wipes come in resealable bags, so they may be stored when not in use to avoid environmental contamination.

Technowipe® Lint Free Wipes:

FSC/PSC Codes:

3694 – Clean Work Stations Environment Equipment
5515 – Medical and Surgical Instruments, Equipment and Supplies
5525 – X-ray Equipment Supplies, Medical, Dental and Vetinary
5530 – Hospital Furniture, Equipment, Utensils and Supplies
5540 – Opthamolic Instruments, Equipment and Supplies
5750 – Photographic Supplies
7510 – Office Supplies
H175 – Quality Control Services/Office Supplies
H975 – Other QC Services/Office Supplies

North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS) Code
423450 – Medical, Dental & Hospital Equipment & Supplies Merchant Wholesalers

5047 – Medical, Dental & Hospital Equipment & Supplies

SIN 65 II #A-2(a)
EIN 13-366-1517
NYS Sub-Chapter S Corporation
Incorporated April 02, 1992
Visa and MasterCard Credit Cards Accepted
Purchase Orders can be placed through GSA Advantage