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TECHNOWIPE® Lint-Free Wipes helps bring your pharmacy
into compliance with USP<797> Cleaning Guidance.

USP<797> requires a clean environment for hospitals, health care institutions, compounding pharmacies, physician practices
and other facilities where compounded sterile products are prepared, stored and dispensed.

USP<797> recommends using low-lint wipes, along with appropriate cleaning agents in ISO Class 5-8 areas.

TECHNOWIPE® Lint-Free Wipes saturated in a cleaning agent of your choice should be used to clean:

□ Workbench hoods
□ Carts
□ Floors
□ Handles
□ Legs and shilelds
□ Countertops
□ Ceilings
□ Furniture
□ Moldings
□ Sinks
□ Stool tops
□ Storage bins
□ Doors
□ Walls
□ Windows
□ Items stored in the anteroom
□ Use to dry your hands in order to avoid contamination from artifacts

TECHNOWIPE® Lint-Free Wipes should be stored in its resealable bag to avoid environmental contamination. We recommend weekly rotating of the disinfectant of your choice to avoid bacterial resistance. Use one wipe per surface to avoid cross contamination of surfaces.

TECHNOWIP®E Lint-Free Wipes
■ cost effective
■ highly absorbent
■ conveniently sized 9”x 9”
■ manufactured in a Cleanroom
■ compatible with alcohol, bleach and peroxide
■ packaged 200 wipes in resealable double bags to aviod
■ contamination exposure
■ satisfaction guaranteed


Sold in cases of 600, 1000, 2000 & 5000 (200 wipes per bag)

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